Hai Cô Gái Hút Hồn Dân Mạng Bằng Bộ Ảnh Siêu Nóng Bỏng

Những ngày hè nóng bức đã khiến cho các cô gái muốn xông ngay ra biển, và đối với họ, biển sẽ càng tuyệt vời hơn khi được diện trang phục vừa “tránh nóng” vừa tôn lên cá tính của mình.
Những hình ảnh nóng bỏng của hai cô nàng có thân hình quyến rũ trong bộ “C-Heads Exclusive: Clara & Corrie” lập tức chinh phục đông đảo cư dân mạng, cả nam và nữ giới. Album thể hiện đúng chất trẻ trung, tự do, phóng khoáng và có một chút gì đó táo bạo của giới trẻ được nhiếp ảnh gia tài năng người Úc Cameron Hammond chụp trên du thuyền cho tạp chí C-Heads.
Dù không phải là bikini truyền thống nhưng quần short jean cực ngắn kết hợp cùng áo crop top còn lợi hại hơn gấp bội.
“Vòng 3 cực đẹp” là ý kiến nhận định chung của nhiều cô gái khi bày tỏ thái độ “ganh tị” với hai cô nàng.


 Tuy vòng 1 không quá lớn nhưng kiểu “up mở” thế này khiến cô gái trở nên gợi cảm hơn nhiều.
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Hai Cô Gái Hút Hồn Dân Mạng Bằng Bộ Ảnh Siêu Nóng Bỏng
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  1. Til Patrick:det stämmer att det länge varit så, att när sjukersättning ges utan slutdatum, så har individen blivit övergiven. Syftet med Alliansregeringens hela program är ju att ändra på det. För dem som har arbetsförmåga ges introduktionen, och under den tiden ges samma ersättning som under sjukskrivningen.Syftet är att det ska bli bättre. Det är viktigt att se till helheten!

  2. Anonymous5-15-2008 Si…el marginado Ecuador.La verdad es que es como que una bendicion que Megadeth toque en estas tierras.Los Guns fueron a Colombia,Venezuela,Brasil ,Chile y Argentina en el 92.Y para que la cachetada duela mas…Bjork estuvo (tour sudamericano) hasta en Peru el anyo pasado!!!Pobrecito Ecuador…Chamadre que ahorita solo tengo para la de 50 latas. Espero conseguir las otras 50 para irme a la Megabox!!!

  3. Bonjour Antoine,Merci pour ces compliments, il y a sans doute beaucoup de choses à dire de « technique et physique » sur la photographie maritime, mais en tant que bonne « alpine » je dois reconnaître que ce n’est pas mon terrain de jeu de prédilection (même si tous les gens de mer que j’ai croisés ont toujours été éminement sympathiques et tolérants avec la terrienne que je suis !)En vous souhaitant à vous aussi une bonne continuation !

  4. The Weiner Schnitzel at “Cafe Europa” right near the church off the main square – think Nord Sea is across the “street” – pedestrian walkway. . .it is in a small hotel, but we went back twice because it was so good. . .the picture you show seems to look like the street. . .kind of liked Budapest better because it was right on the river – river in Vienna is not really downtown. . .but nice city anyway. Visit the Schoenberg (sp?) palace. . .lots of tourists, but worth it.

  5. PGC, a classic argument, and there are some good points made. But for me the point is not ethics or morals. It is financial/social survival and success (relative to my definition thereof). Smoke Em If You Got Em is great and all, but if you dont have an understanding of or a plan for what happens at the end of the party then you are going to be very unpleasantly surprised.

  6. Ασφαλώς και θα βοηθούσε. Αυτός είναι και ο σκοπός που αναλάβαμε την πρωτοβουλία.Μόνοι μας δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε τίποτα.Διαδώστε την ιδέα και αν γνωρίζετε κάποιον “αναγνωρίσιμο”, μιλήστε του γι αυτό.

  7. napsal:Opravdu by nebylo lepší alespoň trochu ovlivnit volbu hlasováním pro nejmenší zlo? Když budete volby bojkotovat, tak si politici asi těžko Å™eknou “Aha, lidem se nelíbí socialistická politika”. Takhle jenom pomůžete tomu, aby se na Hrad dostal nÄ›kdo jako Fischer nebo Zeman.


  9. Yes, yes and yes. I had the same reaction to the eagle yesterday and I was even happy for him for a minute (because a great shot is a great shot, which is the point, right?) and then I was all…whatever. I watched a lot of it yesterday after hockey was over and Mickelson clearly played a consistently awesome round. He won, yes he did. Good for him.

  10. “Harlan, the provider of rats used in this study, has used genetically modified corn in their rat chow for the last ten years. If GM corn was increasing the formation of tumors and causing liver and kidney necrosis in laboratory animals, scientists and veterinarians would have noticed these health concerns years ago.” #GMOsRSafe

  11. Możecie babsko odwiedzićja nie mogÄ™ bo dostÄ…piÅ‚em zaszczytu banato powód mojej radoÅ›nie nieustajacej dumy :))Ona ma chÅ‚opa ??? Faktycznie, już Wergiliusz powiedziaÅ‚:trahit sua quemque voluptas – każdy ulega namiÄ™tnoÅ›ci, albo w wolnym przekÅ‚adzie – każda potwora znajdzie amatora :)))

  12. //அநாநி! நீ போய் à®®ுகமூடிய பத்தி பேசுà®±ீயா?கிà®´ிஞ்சுது போ!à®®ொதல்ல, நீ உன்னுடையத கழுவினு, ச்சீ! கழட்டிட்டு வா. அப்றம் மத்தவங்க சுத்தமா இல்லையான்னு கருத்து சொல்லலாà®®்!நாத்தம் தாà®™்கலடா சாà®®ி!//அடக்கூà®®ுட்டை, அனானிà®™்கறது ப்லொக் கொடுக்கற உரிà®®ை….நீà®™்க எல்லாà®®் பெà®°ியாà®°், திà®°ாவிடங்கற à®®ுகமுடிய à®®ாட்டிக்கிட்டு ரவுடித்தனம் பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருக்கீà®™்க பாà®°ுà®™்க அத சொன்னென் தொà®°…ஒனக்கென்ன நீ மயிà®°ே போச்சுன்னு பிà®°ான்ஸ்ல இருக்க, இங்க இருக்குà®± திà®°ாவிடகுஞ்சுகள் அன்à®±ாடங் காச்சிà®™்களா இருந்தாலுà®®், பெà®°ிய பிஸ்து à®®ாதிà®°ி குதிக்குதுà®™்க பாà®°ு, அதுதான் வயித்தெà®°ிச்சல்.

  13. Yes, this is how banana republics are run.Yes, indeed!I’ve been discussing it with a friend or two, and we honestly can’t bring to mind another example of a “First World” country of the last couple of centuries whose top-level government officials are so totally corrupt, incompetent, and so totally uninterested in the well-being of their own citizens.The closest that came to mind was the Ottoman Empire during the last century or so of its disintegration, but no one back then regarded it as a “First World” country.

  14. Haltet durch und lasst euch nicht aus dem Musikgeschäft schupsen. Der 21.12.2012 ist nicht weit und danach wirds erst richtig gut für Menschen wie ihr es seit.Mögen euere Wege mit schöpferischen Ideen gepflastert sein und der Spaß und die Lust am Leben immer größer werden.VLG Uli

  15. cher Monsieurje vous avais transmis un dossier du CHSCT-SVTU avec entre autre des photos du terminus de la ligne « C » le 2 et 3 juillet montrant les usagers traverser l’avenue de Paris à la « sauvage »Il est a remarquer que ce terminus n’a pas d’abri-bus pour se protéger de la pluie, les usagers de la ligne sont-ils indignent d’en avoir un ? ou est-ce une réponse au vote du 7 mai 2012 ?me tenant à votre disposition pour toute rencontre que vous désireriez.Cordialement Jeanoel Brasier

  16. history is written by the victors, but it’s actually written by the historiographers."I think it's written by the brain-washers. Every time I sign into Yahoo Email now I'm confronted by a nice picture of a Chinese woman or a cool Asian kid or a cool black guy, etc. White guys are typically portrayed as idiots in the few pictures they appear. I'm starting to like these people – even the dumb white guys.

  17. After two years of study that required ritual for sabbats & esbats, I’ve gone back to the more “noticing subtle changes as they occur” way of practicing too. I do still enjoy ritual, but it doesn’t feel necessary for me to acknowledge seasons and shifts in that way.My camping trip these last four days was definitely an embracing summer event for me! Even if it did rain for half the trip.Midsummer blessings and firefly delights!

  18. One could be willing to pay sales tax and buy locally in order to help provide employment in the local economy, support local and state government functions (like roads), avoid giving support to the inhuman sweat shop wage slave conditions common among online marketers–like Amazon), examine the item before purchasing it, and walk out with it immediately after purchase and use it the same day.

  19. PacifistSorry, It was my misunderstaindings.The website is KORDI,Korean Maritime Institute (国土海洋部韓国海洋研究院国立水産科学院国立海洋調査院)"East Sea Study devision .I thought they have "dokdo"adress so I misunderstood it was the Dokdo Propaganda Museum.But.Ironically ".It is Korean claim that the name of Sea of Japan is Japan's expansionism or colonism oriented name.

  20. Oops – that was me again.Oh, and for more fun with Phelps supporters, see if the Sodomite Penguins thread is still on The Local, where Gary explains that if the penguins aren’t confused and there is actual penetration, then they need to be executed. It’s god’s will.As a final thought, it seems that these guys spend an awful lot of time thinking about all the nuances of gay sex.-Melanie

  21. Laura Minor has a right to her own thoughts and feelings. She has a right to share them. You have a right to read them or not. (Did you get that, posters? You don’t have to read them if it’s so upsetting to you.) Leave her alone.

  22. i saw these in sears last night and the sockets look really nice..only problem for me is theyre “made in taiwan” i cant lower myself to buy them ,but they looked pretty sweet…i wish craftsman would make some u.s.a sockets with the knurled features because i would snatch them up

  23. to the so-called “experts” to reassure people and they did it on command. There are registration of calls where it is clearly expressed that the scientist meeting only had to be a piece of theatre to boost the confidence of people in the government. That is it. Please do not disturb Galileo or the Inquisition. It is only an “ordinary” case of corruption

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  26. >michèleEt si c’est pas Mac au lieu de Pomme + R , que peut-on faire ?MalHeureusement, je n’en ai aucune idée. Depuis que j’ai eu mon premier Mac, il y a vingt et un ans de cela, je ne supporte plus les PC. Il m’arrive parfois de devoir en utiliser au travail, mais alors mes collaborateurs médusés ont droit à un répertoire de jurons encore plus étendu que celui d’un célébrissime capitaine.

  27. dit :Le contexte, l’intention, etc… font en sorte que le premier est criminel et que les 2 autres ne le sont pas.Faux, dans les 2 cas, une accusation d’homicide ne peut pas être déposé car il n’y a pas d’homicide.

  28. I just took the quiz and thought it was cool. I took it twice and came out as a career woman, a friend of mine took it and got young and fun. We both thought it was eerily accurate. I kind of thought it was cool, but I’m a business analyst. Still like lingerie though 😉

  29. Hi Linda,Thanks for the note! I am so glad you like my art. No painting classes scheduled just yet but am considering offering them again in early 2013. I will put you on the growing list and let you know when I know .Thanks again,Mary

  30. If one considers The One to really be the Muslim in Chief, this all makes sense rather quickly. Why is one so unwilling to do so?And the foul stench passed off as "Law Enforcement" continue to be the enablers for this illegal alien.

  31. The lighter colored area on the edges of the welds are actually just where I cleaned up the metal with a grinder. Another good thing to note when TIG welding is that the metal needs to be spotlessly clean. As soon as you think its clean enough, clean it once more. If you don’t, the welds look horrific.

  32. Å-jeg klarer bare ikke la være å si det. Det finnes så mange vakre høststauder, men de er vanskelig å få tak i fordi kundene ikke er i hagesentret når de blomstrer. Derfor blir de ikke tatt inn. Frø eller bytte er ofte eneste løsning.

  33. Erika, köszi. 🙂 A általam ismert apák többsége azért ilyen… lehet, hogy akkor ez egy újabb "apa-generáció"? Babi, azért egyrészt megnyugtattál, hogy "Te is", másrészt meg ezzel az utóirat-dologgal meg annyira nem. Persze, reálisan tisztában vagyok vele, hogy lesz még ilyen.. gondolom más témában is. 😀

  34. Gore has his stopped clocks. The Democrats have pots to watch. But watched pots never boil. They're waiting for Obama's steam to rise again, for the water of enthusiasm for him to percolate and boil over and scald malcontents. But Obama keeps going on vacation and on junkets and bus tours, and these star performances just aren't adding up to viable reelection prospects. Gore opening his musty maw doesn't help any. Obama should tell him to shut up and go away.

  35. Modern wheat may contribute to heath problems and weight gain, but I do not believe that forgoing it will result in weight loss for most people. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago. I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, yogurt, eggs, and unprocessed gluten free grains. I eat very little processed food (other than a couple ounces of dark chocolate a week and an ice cream splurge about once every two weeks), but have struggled to keep my weight down, something that was not a problem for me before I started eating gluten free.

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  37. The “juice isn’t worth the squeeze” may be one of the most profound things I’ve read on a blog in a long time. That is exactly the best way to describe it. We all make time for our priorities. And our priorities probably involve some sort of work. Just like getting juice out of an orange takes effort, so does learning something new. And there are many who still think it isn’t worth that effort. They are smart enough and savvy enough. It just isn’t a priority. Recognizing that is the first step.

  38. If by “n****r” food the cretin was referring to southern cuisine such as corn bread, greens cooked with a turkey leg, beans and ham, mac and cheese and fried chicken, then the idiot is missing out on some very delicious food.Good, all the more for me to eat.

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  42. A legszebb az egészben, hogy látom, az illetÅ‘, aki e bejegyzést ihlette, egy kissé lentebb azért hozzád is beszúrt egy frappáns megjegyzést… :)Ilderim sejk a Ben-Hurból erre csak ennyit mondana a szakállát simogatva:”Bátor beszéd!”Hehehehehe.

  43. Guys I have a Nexus 4. Yes its faster updates and price is right but every time I look at S3 I am definitely tempted. It is faster for one, even with mine running better android version. If S4 is bigger screen and even more powerful than S3, I might just move over.

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  47. Great articles on DNF Blog, horrible popup. That thing would often fire up when I was reading an article on my phone, the guys voice starts booming out of my phone speakers – pretty embarrassing in some situations and enough to put me off going to the site

  48. Vivo en Mataderos, el lugar olvidado por este Gobierno, les aseguro que por acá vive gente de todos los estratos sociales, aunque para Macri seamos los de Mataderos. Me encanta andar en bici, suelo salir a Av. Directorio, pero se perfectamente que resulta peligroso.

  49. I can’t help thinking there’s another big source of disabled people right now: war. How much do disabled veterans contribute to the disability numbers?Or is the war really not as big as it looks compared to the almost inconceivably huge economy?

  50. that he could not cope with all the politics involved with each and every promotion he got. He said his soul was not for sale..I was so proud of him for not compromising his principles.. I miss him everyday …So.. yea… this Country has some serious problems that will be exposed soon…I pray the body count is ZERO…hugs and peaceDiva

  51. Blood Sucking Politics with or without CA election will not end in Nepal. What we need is some kind of normalcy. Political Parties and Maoists do not want election even though they are preaching for it. Because of the security situation most people will not participate in the election. In the interest of the nation we should not have CA election. Make the interim legislative broad and write the permanent constitution.

  52. – oh, hibby…you didn’t have to ‘act’ cool…..it’s natural and you being ‘weird in front of a camera”?? can’t picture that unless there was no fainting couch!!! hahaSUPER adorable pics Heidi…….you’ve been blessed with two very very cute kids!!!

  53. I have to admit that I have a really hard time reading some of the “classic” self improvement stuff. The language is very old fashioned and many of the ideas presented have been proven wrong over time – like the 10% of our brain thing.Do you have any suggestions for getting past this and extracting the good stuff from these books?

  54. MJ is always going to have an “Estate” of some description – be it Branca and McClain or someone else – because MJ is dead. So we would have had this release (or something similar) either way. It’s no thanks or credit to the Estate. It’s their job to release things and this is the obvious thing to do on the 25th anniversary of the Bad album. However, their “execution” and the quality of the DVD content is not up to MJ-standard. The current executors are aiming for profits at the cost of MJ’s artistic integrity. They ought to re-prioritise.

  55. HH, I’m so cheap that I spent $2 on the USB adapter for my LG (free) phone and create my own ringtones. As stupid as the concept of ringtones are, I do see the teenage attraction. I mean, what is funnier than to be able to identify a call from your best friend when you hear actual dialog from Brokeback Mountain playing from your phone.

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  58. Absolutely I agree CFS patients do not speak with one voice. I’ve tried to make it clear that the people who worry me are a particular — and particularly vocal — subset of patients, but if I didn’t, then I apologize. I am very happy to know rational and critical thinking people with CFS and other chronic illnesses (such as your fellow commenters on this post!).It’s simply far too early to be assuming causation or even expecting it when there’s barely any correlation yet. But I am a skeptic not a cynic, and if the science winds up proving both, I will be thrilled to embrace that.

  59. Bravo Kelley!! Er, uh, well, you know what I'm trying to say!! I look forward to your insight and non-foodie commentary on a decidedly foodie show! And DO-SHARE that D-CUPcake recipe no matter how horrible or irrelevant you think it was… Just the name alone has New-Years-Eve-Party "Best-In-Show"-caliber party-favor written all over it! 😉

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  63. Attention Phil, votre commentaire pourrait être jugé antisémite.Quoi de plus Français que les Rheims et les Rothschild?Je lirais ce nouveau texte de Nathalie Rheims avec curiosité, je n’ai pas le souvenir, qu’avant, elle ait trempé sa plume dans l’humour et encore moins, dans l’humour cher aux Parisiens, les vacheries mondaines. Va pour un texte de Nathalie Rheims, qui me fasse rire, je rirais mieux si j’avais les clefs.

  64. So when DNAPrint reports that, genetically speaking, I’m 14% American Indian, this actually means I might be part Jewish rather than part Amerind? Damn! No affirmative action bennies for me, after all. (Since I was adopted, in the days of closed adoptions, I have no clue as to the ethnic background of my natural parents–except what I can tell by looking in the mirror, which indicates a substantial European component.)

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