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Cười Thả Phanh – Xin gửi tới anh em độc giả đang theo dõi website 1 bài thơ chế cực hay nhưng không kém phần ý nghĩ ” Lo Toan Đám Cưới “



Cưới  nàng, anh toan dẫn voi,
Anh sợ quốc cấm, nên voi không bàn.
Dẫn trâu, sợ họ máu hàn,
Dẫn bò, sợ họ nhà nàng co gân .

Miễn là có thú bốn chân,
Dẫn con chuột béo, mời dân, mời làng.
Chàng dẫn thế, em lấy làm sang,
Nỡ nào em lại phá ngang như là…

Người ta thách lợn thách gà,
Nhà em thách cưới một nhà khoai lang.
Củ to thì để mời làng,
Còn như củ nhỏ, họ hàng ăn chơi.

Bao nhiêu củ mẻ, chàng ơi !
Để cho con trẻ ăn chơi giữ nhà.
Bao nhiêu củ rím, củ hà,
Để cho con lợn, con gà nó ăn…


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  44. Come on. The LSAT can’t be that hard or there wouldn’t be so many law students at all those no name law schools. I imagine the other 50% of the admission process (assuming this information is accurate) relies heavily on grades and the quality of the undergraduate institution you attended. BTW, Bill comes across as very bright for someone who didn’t like school. I bet he does very well on standardized tests.

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  58. Ashley HigginsI no longer have any confidence in the CBO. If they think it will be a disaster for unemployment to rise from 8.3 percent to 9.0 percent, they are moronic. The disaster has occurred. It occurred because of (inter alii) the existing and past moronic senators, representatives and presidents, and the moronic CBO’s artistic scoring of bills, not the Tea Party. I am confident that “moderate Republicans,” regardless of how thoughtful they may be, are part of the problem, not the solution.

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  60. What about the people who smoke that are younger than age 50? does that affect them too, or do they just have to worry about that when they get old. Plus everyone forgets stuff as they get older, could that affect the results too? I feel like just testing people that are over the age of 50 isn’t going to solve the smoking problem. They already know the risks of doing it, if they haven’t quit yet why would they do it over something as in forgetting stuff?

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  69. entech 1:33 re: New York abortions, 1970I know a woman here who went to New York for an abortion about that time. There was a demand for the services, always has been, always will be. Your mother’s quote was insightful. It’s a variation on that of one of our Congressmen, “Conservative really care about children, but only until they are born.”

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  74. I think I’ve settled well and truly into the “let it burn” camp. I am now looking out for myself, my family and little else. Should bad times happen to me, I plan to have as much saved up as possible. I’ve lived in poverty and can survive it again if I have to.And as for Michael Moore, he never supported the troops in the first place. Had he been honest about that from the start, I’d have a shred of respect for him.

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  77. Thanks Kudzayi!That’s cool that we’ve got an Imperial College connection! I often used to “hang out” at Kings as well – ooh – I’m reminiscing now!As a parent I know how easy it can be to ignore your child’s academic problems, especially since we sometimes want our kids to be “perfect” (Learning that the hard way with my daughter’s French!) Reply

  78. Talk directly to people who have a smart meter and ask them what it did to their electricity bills. Think about retired people living in CA,in the middle ofsummer their rates go up in the afternoon so high that they turn off their air conditioner, is this something we want? Also, excersizing batteries like that prematurely wears them. A batter isn’t storing electrons, a battery charges by chemical changes and it discharges by chemical chanages, not a storing of electrons (a capictor does that).

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  81. On topic:The health care story mentions that Europe systems cover illegal immigrants. It seems as if a lot of Europeans think we don’t. If Palin never runs for office again, I will STILL be grateul for all she has done. She gave a boost to Feminists for Life. She put a charge into conservative Republicans who were beginning to flat-line. I also think that the 9/12 groups and Tea Parties wouldn’t be growing if she hadn’t reminded a lot of people that we don’t have to be connected, rich or urban to make a difference in American politics.

  82. I found your recipe from the I heart naptime linky party, and I’m looking forward to trying it because it doesn’t have raw egg in it. My family’s recipe (which you can find on my WWE wrestling cake post) has raw egg whites, which always makes me a bit nervous. When I make my next cake that needs royal icing, I will be trying this one. Thanks for sharing!

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  88. Thank you! I was already determined to say No to Tarte’s kit but it helps when you’re not 100% thrilled with it. OMG, 80s pictures – the photoshop self-portrait collage I could make. But won’t. HAHA! These aren’t bad at all. At least you didn’t have Flock of Seagull hair – and I know many people who did!

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