Phơi Sách – Phơi Bụng – Trạng Quỳnh

Gần nhà Quỳnh có một lão trọc phú. Lão này đã dốt lại thích học làm sang, thỉnh thoảng mò đến nhà Trạng, đòi mượn sách. Tất nhiên lão có mượn được sách về thì cũng biết gì đâu mà đọc. Quỳnh bực lắm, một bận, thấy lão lấp ló đầu cổng, Quỳnh vội vác ngay chiếc chõng tre ra sân, cởi áo nằm phơi bụng. Lão trọc phú bước vào, thấy lạ, hỏi:

– Thầy làm gì thế?

Quỳnh đáp:

– À! Có gì đâu! Hôm nay được cái nắng tôi đem phơi sách cho khỏi khô mốc

– Sách ở đâu?

Quỳnh chỉ vào bụng:

– Sách chứa đầy trong này!

Biết mình bị đuổi khéo, trọc phú lủi thủi ra về.

Bận khác, lão cho người mời Quỳnh đến nhà. Để rửa mối nhục cũ, lão bắt chước, đánh trần, nằm giữa sân đợi khách…

Quỳnh vừa bước vào, lão cất giọng con vẹt, bắt chước…

– Hôm nay được cái nắng tôi nằm phơi sách cho khỏi mốc

Bất ngờ Quỳnh cười toáng, lấy tay vỗ bình bịch vào cái bụng phệ mà nói;

– Ruột nhà ông toàn chứa những của ngon chưa tiêu hết phải đem phơi, chứ làm cóc gì có sách mà phơi!

Lão trố mắt kinh ngạc:

– Sao thầy biết?

Quỳnh lại cười toáng lên, lấy tay lắc lắc cái bụng béo ụ ị của lão:

– Ông nghe rõ chứ? Bụng ông nó đang kêu “Ong óc” đây này! Tiếng cơm, tiếng gà, tiếng cá, lợn… Chứ có phải tiếng chữ, tiếng sách đâu. Thôi ngồi dậy, mặc áo vào nhà đi.

Lão trọc phú lủi thủi làm theo lời Quỳnh, và ngồi tiếp khách một cách miễn cưỡng.

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  1. I am so glad that I found this web page. My therapist is on vacation as of today and I am feeling sad. It was so helpful to read that this is a normal reaction. I have been seeming my therapist for a\\two and a half years and he has taken vacations before but this is the first time I have ever felt like this. I have never felt connected to anyone before so missing someone seems so strange and wrong. Can’t wait till we meet again and talk about this experience. It does seem like a strange concept that I feel so connected to someone that I pay to meet with.

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  38. Honoring our own achievements is big work for many of us, I think — your use of the word ‘ashamed’ here totally resonates for me, Renee. We’re not *supposed* to achieve, according to some voice(s) somewhere inside (and maybe outside!) and so it’s a profound bit of healing work when we stop and look in the mirror and acknowledge all that we’ve accomplished. So grateful for you!xo!

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  49. Agree that our actions say more than our words, but that is not new is it? I think Evangelism took a wrong turn when it became fear mongering. I think we need to be ready to share the relationship we have with Jesus at least as readily as we would any cherished earthly relationship. To me, that is evangelism. So we need to know who we love and why. That said, there are still huge numbers of people even in the USA who, while they may know something of who Jesus was and the basic tenets of Christianity do not realize the benefits or implications of a committed relationship with Him.

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  52. Agree with JB. All things in moderation. But…having just watched Food Inc. at my daughter's suggestion, I could become very immoderate in my avoidance of lots of stuff. Yeah, it was a lefty screed, but that doesn't mean that the entire message can be completely dismissed. IMHO, if you eat a little bit of most everything and avoid the stuff you know is really bad for you, you'll be OK. Now about that moderation stuff. After I've had a couple of drinks, the siren song of the fritos and cheetos gets reeeallly loud. Portion control can be a b*tch.

  53. Yogamama, so sorry to hear about the bad Planet K experience. I was originally planning to attend the Tribal Jam in August; those plans have been scrapped, but I was considering going in either June or July for an R&R. I’m hoping maybe your sub par experience was due to the fact that you are highly enlightened now (through Yoganand and Holosync) and “above” the Kripalu you once knew…because I still look forward to going!

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